Championing the Power of Data in Challenging Times

Keywords Non-Profit Sector, Data Strategy, Capacity-Building, Organizational Resilience, Workplace Digital Transformation, Social Profit


Since 2019, PolicyWise for Children & Families has led the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy, a collaborative initiative to build a knowledge-driven non-profit sector by providing access to timely and relevant information.

The Annual Report tells a story about the sector’s impact, current challenges, and priorities. It also provides resources that can help non-profits in the future.

Practice & Policy Implications

  • Readers can learn why non-profits are essential to Alberta’s economy and well-being through data analyses that frame their impacts on society as social profit.
  • Funders and decision makers can use the data analyses to better understand how cost of living challenges are impacting Albertans and the non-profits serving them.
  • Policy makers can learn from the sector’s identified priorities, including increased funding to meet increased need, to inform their strategic plans.

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