Welcome to our new collection of capacity building resources!

Do you serve the well-being of children, youth, or families?

Are you involved in social policy or practice in Alberta?

Are you a community-engaged researcher, student, or evaluator?

If so, Resources for Practice is for you.

At PolicyWise, we know that it takes the work of many to secure a future where all children, youth, families, and communities can be well and thrive. That’s why we created Resources for Practice. It’s a place where we share our own resources as well as a curated collection of those created by others. We believe that so much great work and innovation is already happening across Alberta and beyond. We want to amplify that work as much as possible. To ensure that what we share is relevant and trustworthy, we assess each resource using our quality assessment tool, then summarize, and identify key implications. We provide direct links to webinars, tools, and strategies, among other types of resources organizations have developed. All resources are freely available to use and share, which we hope that you do.  

Through Resources for Practice, we aspire to make finding and using practice and policy relevant resources easier. Together we can support wise decision making and guide practices toward a bright future for children, youth, families, and communities in Alberta.