Responding to Social Issues: The ‘When’ and the ‘How’ of Workplace Responses

Keywords Advocacy, Organizational Communication, Courageous Conversations, Organizational Strategy, Social Justice, Public Awareness


The Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion is a national charity that provides education, training, and resources to help workplaces and communities become more equitable.

The Toolkit presents lessons learned from a roundtable discussion on organizational responses to social justice issues, with panelists from the Regional Municipality of Peel, Hyundai, and Deloitte.

Practice & Policy Implications

  • The Toolkit’s examples of organizational responses to recent events of racism, colonization, and sexual violence offer considerations for why organizations might take action, the risks involved, and pathways for responding.
  • The Toolkit’s decision tree, reflection questions, and resources can guide organizations to respond consistently and purposefully to emergent social justice issues.
  • The Toolkit sheds light on the impact social issues can have on employees and their communities, and why responding thoughtfully can strengthen trust in an organization.

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