The Future of Fundraising: Where to From Here?

Keywords Fundraising, Philanthropy, Strategic Planning, Non-Profit


KCI is a Canadian consultancy firm specializing in helping the non-profit sector with fundraising, strategy, analytics, and executive research. They partnered with United Way Alberta Capital Region, Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations to understand current and emerging philanthropic trends in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

The Report analyzes the pandemic's transformative impact on the charitable and non-profit sector, emphasizing how it accelerated existing changes and prompted necessary adaptations.

Policy & Practice Implications

  • This Report offers organizations in the philanthropic sector effective fundraising tactics with a focus on the Alberta context.
  • This Report's tips encouraging adaptability and flexibility can be used to support organizational strategic planning.
  • This Report provides guidance for organizations planning their fundraising strategies by highlighting shifts in fundraising trends during and after COVID-19.

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