THIS is Housing First for Youth

Keywords Homelessness, Human Rights, Youth Well-Being


The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is a national research institute dedicated to studying homelessness in Canada and supporting policymakers and service providers to end homelessness. They created an updated two-part version of the Housing First for Youth Guide originally developed in 2014. The Housing First for Youth program is designed to help communities implement a housing first approach that addresses the unique needs of youth dealing with homelessness. Part 1: Program Model Guide introduces the research, principles, and philosophy behind the Housing First for Youth model along with case studies from Canada and around the world. Part 2: Operations Manual is intended for community planners and service providers who want to implement the model. It provides guidance for case management, supervision, community planning, and designing youth-focused service supports.

Practice & Policy Implications

  • The evidence provided in the Guide demonstrating the effectiveness of the Housing First for Youth model can support policymakers to adapt it in their communities.
  • The Guide provides examples of ways the Housing First for Youth model can be adapted in specific sub-populations such as Indigenous youth and young people involved with Child Protection Services.
  • Alberta-based service providers can learn from case studies of the Housing First for Youth model applied to the Infinity Project and Home Fire programs in Calgary.

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