Actions to Close the Gender Gap in Alberta

Keywords Caregiving, Entrepreneurship, Newcomer Women, Employment Equity, Community Non-Profit Supports, Gender Equity


Funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada, PolicyWise for Children & Families explored solutions to address the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on women’s and gender-diverse people’s workforce participation through a 2.5-year project.

The purpose of the research was to support programs and policies that facilitate connection with the labour force for women and gender-diverse people. The Report builds on previous work and presents impacts, trends, and priorities for action. The Policy Primer and Policy Brief highlight recommended actions that can be taken by government.

Practice & Policy Implications

  • Engaging community non-profits as critical partners to government, industry, and the financial sector can lead to innovative solutions and programing that support women’s employment and entrepreneurship. 
  • Providing flexible childcare options can support caregivers to participate in training, job search, professional development, and full-time, shift, or weekend work.
  • Policy makers can address employment inequities in Alberta by legislating gender-based pay equity and improving labour protections for low wage workers.
  • Coordinating and collaborating across the social serving sector to address the gender gap can lead to training opportunities, wraparound employment programs, and investment in women leaders.

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