From Discrimination to Meaningful Work: A Look into the Status of Urban Indigenous Youth Employment

Keywords Indigenous-Led Research, Understanding and Avoiding Tokenism, Youth Experiences, Employment Barriers


The Assembly of Seven Generations is an Indigenous youth-led non-profit organization based in unceded Algonquin Territory helping build community supports and capacity. In partnership with the National Association of Friendship Centres, the Report was created to share the workplace experiences of urban Indigenous youth along with recommendations for employers.

Policy & Practice Implications

  • The Report can help employers gain a better understanding of how to meet the unique needs and aspirations of urban Indigenous youths by focusing on their experiences, stories, and suggestions.
  • The attention to underrepresented voices exemplifies strategies employers can take to inform their own unique workplace equity initiatives.
  • The survey design demonstrates ethical ways researchers can collect demographic information, such as open-ended gender identification.

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